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What does Being a Nexus Chamber Mean?

What does Being a Nexus Chamber Mean?

Your local Broussard Chamber of Commerce is the very first Nexus Chamber in the country! What exactly does a Nexus Chamber entail and how does it benefit members? Before we dive into the answer to that question, it’s important that we lay the foundation by explaining where the principle all started: The Nexus Initiative.

The Nexus Initiative is simply a unique way to approach networking. Networking can be a powerful tool to advance your business when done properly. Unfortunately, networking often turns into more of an unproductive social gathering. I’m sure you have attended an event intended to meet new people and score some new sales but instead found a large group of people flocking to those they know who are looking for an escape from a busy day of work and not overly interested in talking business deals. This does not create the best atmosphere to convince people to do business with you.

The Nexus Initiative turns your traditional networking concept upside down with an entire new approach. It shifts the focuses on networking for others rather than for yourself. Your “Nexus” is a group of people you agree to meet with frequently with intentions of helping them grow and improve their business. This form of networking is so successful due to the Rule of Reciprocity. The Rule of Reciprocity is one of the basic laws of social psychology: It says that in many social situations we pay back what we received from others. Simply said, it means if I give you something, you give me something in return.

Imagine you walk into a socializing event and spark a general conversation with the group of people at your table. You ask John what he does for a living and learn that he has just opened a brand new business. You then ask what his website is and learn he does not yet have one… Alex, a member of your Nexus owns a local marketing agency that not only builds websites but can help generate traffic to your site with digital marketing. You now have a natural conversation providing an opportunity to both help your new friend John and the opportunity to “gift” a customer to your buddy Alex. Instead of selling yourself or your own services, you are put in a more natural flow and serve as the middle-man looking to connect two individuals who will genuinely benefit from the connection. It is much easier and more natural to talk up others than it is to talk up yourself! You leave that event with a connection for a member of your “Nexus” and the rule of reciprocity continues in that they now want to find a connection for you to return the favor. Next thing you know, your group is hustling business for each other and has a new mindset of seeking to provide value for their team rather than seeking what they can get out of it for themselves.

The Broussard Chamber of Commerce has created a culture based around this concept where members are helping members. All the members of the chamber build valuable relationships with one another and help to grow each other’s businesses. We have even created what we call a “Nexus Moment” to open our meetings in which we encourage sitting with a group of people you do not yet know to promote connecting with new businesses. Our Nexus Moment is a simple few minutes set aside to introduce yourself to the members at the table and create connections. Not only are members encouraged to help each other but the chamber itself will spotlight members through multiple means such as newsletters, event sponsorships, and efforts such as #BroussardSuccessStory.

Our next Nexus inspired opportunity is November 4, 2020 at 11:30am at The Madison Banquet & Reception Centre. Our premier sponsors are Cox Business, Home Bank, Slemco & Touche Printing & Signs. This Luncheon event will provide an opportunity for Broussard Chamber members and guests to connect with successful, local entrepreneurs either in person or virtually. Commissioner of Agriculture Mike Strain will serve as our guest speaker – for information on how to register, click here.