The City Of Broussard

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Broussard is a community situated six miles southeast of the City of Lafayette, LA and is geographically located within the parishes of Lafayette and St. Martin, Louisiana. Originally known as Cote Gelee (Frozen Hills), Broussard was founded in 1884 and named after Valsin Broussard, a prominent local merchant.

Primarily an agricultural center in its early history, the area was settled by the descendants of exiled, “French-speaking” Acadians in the late eighteenth century. The construction of a railroad line through the farming community in the early part of the twentieth century helped to spur the development of the area into a trading and retail hub.

The development of petroleum mining activity off of the Louisiana gulf coast in the latter part of the twentieth century and the fact Broussard lies on a major north/south highway, namely US highway 90, once again advanced growth of commercial activity in the community into the oil and gas manufacturing and services industry. Today, Broussard has seen a boom in residential development as land once reserved for agriculture has given way to demands for new subdivisions to house owners,

executives, and employees of a well-diversified commercial community consisting of businesses involved in retail, hospitality, food service, communications, mining services, manufacturing, medical, insurance, financial services, and real estate, among others.

Broussard is a very unique city, which is known as a “small town, big business.”